I've been tattooing for almost 25 years now. Started out in my hometown Malmö - Sweden at age 19. At that time, getting a tattoo was still not for everyone. There was a mistery and a rebellious atmosphere surrounding a tattoo shop, That feeling combined with the imagery that was attached to the tattoo tradition at that time really made me fall in love. 

I was determend to be as good as I possibly could. I wanted to learn as much as I possibly could about everything surrounding the craftmanship. I've had the uppertunity to meet, get tattooed, learn and get inspired from many highly influential artists in the industry. The the tattoo business has gone thru some radical changes over the years. Now it's available for everyone, There is a studio and a tattooartist for every taste and genre. I'm very grateful to still be a part of the tattoo community, and be able to carry on a tradition that I love so much! 

Starting August 2019 I'll be tattooing 3-4 days a week alongside my long time buddy and co-worker Jens Enstedt at Old Bones Tattoo in Malmö - Sweden. I will also joining my big influence Henning Jørgensen at legendary Royal Tattoo in Helsingør - Denmark. I*ll be at Royal two Fridays every month, starting August 2019. 

For appointments and info, don't hesitate to contact me at

I'll be happy to anwer any questions! 

Thank you! / Charlie